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Learn photography with your smartphone – the camera that’s always with you! There’s no need to invest in camera and laptop – learn all the basics of image making and processing with your phone.

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Learn skills you can transfer to a camera later – or master them on your smartphone without ever swapping to a camera. You’ll learn how to see photographically, your phone’s advanced settings, using apps to tune and manipulate your photos, and discover the art of digital image processing.

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/Our content is suitable for photographers of any generation and experience – everything is clearly explained and to the point. The majority of materials are relevant to both iPhone and Android. If you need more information on anything, just ask in our user forum.

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Check out the previews of our articles that offer tips on specific topics. Or, we’ll guide you through a subject area step by step with one of our structured courses. We add fresh courses regularly to expand on popular articles.

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For a structured approach to learning about your smartphone and photography, choose a short course. We also offer in person or group tuition! Follow the link to see more.

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We spend time making photography 60 second video shorts, so you don’t have to lose time on long. They’re made for mobile phones in 9:16 format! If you want more detailed photography articles and lessons, they’re right on our website. Find out about new videos by following our YouTube channel.

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