What are looks and tools?

‘Looks’ are some preset combinations of adjustments that give different ‘looks’. A similar idea to the filters in Instagram if you’re familiar with that. However, you’ll see later that by reviewing the edits, you can see the recipe of adjustments used in any look and adjust it to taste.

If you’ve already made and saved adjustments to an image, a look ‘last edits’ appears. This allows you to apply the same set of edits to another image.

Tools include a suite of 28 of adjustments and filters available to use with your images. Snapseed’s own online help explains the basics of each. Depending on your needs and personal taste, you’ll find some more useful than others.

Looks and tools video

The video below shows how to access looks and tools. Please watch now. The next course section will explain how to apply the tools and filters to an image.


  • Open the tools menu and browse through the adjustment types to get a feel for the range available. Don’t worry if you don’t understand what they mean or do at this stage.
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