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See and buy the photography accessories we use. We’ve successfully used all items listed and tell you how we use them.

We do not recommend you buy cameras online without first trying them in person. You need to handle a camera to ensure it is comfortable for you and will be something you love using. Support your local camera shop, otherwise in the future you may not be able to try cameras before you buy.

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We use this to attach kit to older lightning iPad and iPhones, while also charging the device. This one is a cheaper alternative to the expensive Apple OEM plastic.

We use this to keep our portable devices charged when out on a long shoot – mainly for iPhone and Ipads. For cameras we always carry spare batteries.

We use this for vlogging. iPhones are conveniently attached to a tripod along with portable mics and lights. It can also be used freehand. It is lightweight and made from plastic and we think suitable for everyday use. If you shoot in extreme conditions, spend more on something metal and more robust.

We own an earlier version of this trekking camera bag – it’s lasted over 20 years on the hills of North Yorkshire and is still going strong. Recommended for photographers who walk the hills and need something durable and comfortable.

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